A Softball
Coaches Tool Kit
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I built this site for coaches, players and parents to find drills, tips and information about playing the great games of baseball and softball  

If you're visiting for the first time I hope you find this site useful in improving or enhancing your players' skill levels.  If you're returning, welcome back! I hope you find something helpful on every visit.

Each page contains one tip, or helpful idea, about Baseball and/or Softball. The Tips, which cover many aspects of the game, come from material I developed and used during my forty plus years coaching both baseball and softball. I believe they can be useful to coaches, parents or players.

Most of the tips are contained in one or both of the books referenced on the left side of the page. The tips, and much other material, are on a CD included with each book.

If you see something here that you like, feel free to add it to your site. I only ask that you give credit to this site with a link to Ball Drills and Tips.             Link information is below.

Pete Sprenkle             Boulder, Colorado
3 Flies In
A Successful Coach's Game Plan
All Around Drill
An Exam for your players
Ball Practice Plan
Base Running Basics
Base Running Drill
Be the Best
Box Throw Drill
Buckets Drill
Bunt Defense Drill 1
Bunt Defense Drill 2
Butterfly Relay Drill
Catching Fly Ball Drill
Chaperone Duties
Coach-Parent Commitments
Coaching Philosophy
Coaching Policy
Criss Cross Drill
Defense Practice Plan
Developing Speed & Agility
Developing Your Outfielders
Drills for the Outfielders
Drills, Drills, Drills
Evaluation Form for a Tryout
Explanation of Relays and Cutoffs
Four Star Drill
Fungo Forceback
Guidelines for the Defense
How to execute a Rundown
How to Teach Skills
Indoor Practice Plan
Infield Station
Infield Throwing Drill 1
Keep Your Head in the Game
Keys to Success
King of the Hill Drill
Liability Waiver
Line Up Card
Line Up Planner (For a tournament)
Links to other excellent sites
Loop Drill
Medical Treatment Permit
Mental Approach
Off Season Conditioning
Out and Back Drill
Outfield Clinic - Week 1
Outfield Duck
Outfield Station
Outfield Throwing Drill
Player Movement Diagram
Player/Parent Feedback
Player Responsibilities
Practice Guidelines
Pre Game Plan
Preparing Line Ups - Defense Positions Chart
Pre-season Parent Letter
Recognition Programs
Recreation versus Competitive
Registration Form for a Tryout
Relays and Cutoffs - Diagramed
Run and Shoot Drill
Self Assesment Tool for your players
Set Your Goals High
Skills Progressions
Speed Throw Drill
Speed & Agility Test
Sportsmanship & Behavoir Guidelines
Tag the Runner Station
Talking with Your Players
Team Games - A Mini-Olympics
Team Rules
Tee Ball Practice Plan
Think Positive
Throwing Drill for Infielders
Triple Infield Drill
Throwing Relay Drill
Two Field Items You Can Make
Ways to defense First & Third situations
What Kind of Players Do We Want?
What Makes a Class Team?
What Makes a Team?
Words for the Day
Below is a list of the "Tips" with a link to each.   I hope you find them useful.
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Note:  In the Spring of 2009 Pete was one of forty one coaches in the USA who were recognized with the Liberty Mutual Responsible Coaching award. The coaches were selected by an independent judging panel for their exemplary dedication and commitment to responsibility in youth sports.
A great compliment to the Tools in the Softball Tool Kit are the videos produced by Marc Dagenais of Softball Performance. I have many of them and use them extensively to help coach my travel team. The material is right on, the presentations are excellent and they help me to be a better coach. 
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