A Youth Baseball
Coaches Tool Kit
A Softball
Coaches Tool Kit
This page was last updated: 5/5/2015
A handout to players which outlines a number of goals to help the team and improve the individual.

Team Goals

#   To improve my skills, techniques, knowledge, understanding, attitudes and enjoyment of softball as part of this team to the extent whereby superior performance will result in winning of the competition in which we are participating.

Individual Objectives

#   To fulfill my obligations to myself and my fellow team-members by 100% effort in these areas:

* commitment to team goals
* physical preparations
* mental preparations
* attendance at team practices, ready with all equipment necessary
* internalizing all written materials handed out
* cooperating and coexisting harmoniously as part of the team at all times
* seeking and accepting advice from coaching staff
* critically evaluating my own performances during practices or games
* accepting and performing my own function within the team
* embracing the team attitude of positive aggression
* developing confidence, concentration and competence
* developing the ability to recognize and make crucial plays and decisions under pressure
* developing my own individual skills to be used for the team effort
* supporting my teammates through positive praise and encouragement
* accepting umpires calls
* ignoring spectators during the games
* displaying proper sportsmanlike conduct at all times
* making appropriate input to the team program when given the opportunity
* starting as soon as possible to prepare mentally as well as physically
* gaining something positive from every practice, game or meeting
* developing my self-discipline and control in stressful situations