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Our season begins with tryouts, held shortly after summer season championship tournaments are finished, and continuing until the team is completely picked.

Several practices are normally held outdoors during the fall, if the weather is cooperative. Fall practices will be held at __________.

Winter practices normally begin in early December and continue through mid-March. Winter practices will be held in the __________ gym. Practices will be scheduled from ______ to ______.

Spring practices normally begin in mid-March at __________ field, weather permitting. Until the team starts playing tournaments on weekends, we will practice offense (hitting, base running and sliding) one evening and defense one morning and one afternoon during the weekend.

In mid-April the team normally begins playing practice games, on both weekends and weeknights, depending on field availability. The regular tournament season begins in early to mid-May.

During the regular season the team will play _____ tournaments. In addition to tournaments, the team will normally play in a league. The league normally begins in mid-May and runs eight weeks with one evening doubleheader each week.

Following the regular season the team will compete in any District, State, Regional, Area, World and/or National Tournaments for which it qualifies.

A team party is normally held on ______ and the end of season party normally held sometime around the State or Regional tournament.

The planned cost to participate on the team during the ______ season is as follows:

Sponsor income is assumed at $______. Other income, primarily from running tournaments, is assumed at $______.

Player fees:Regular Season = $ ______  (due by ______)
         Post Season Tournament(s)      = $ ______  (due by ______)

Player fees cover uniforms, tournament fees, team equipment, insurance, first aid supplies, and players’ food, room and travel costs when traveling. Player fees do not cover team bags or jackets which are optional.

Families will be offered several opportunities to raise money for payment of the player fees. Some of those opportunities are Grocery Coupons, Candy sales and Two-for-One Coupon book sales. In addition ______ % of money earned from sponsors or advertisers brought in by a player will go towards the player fee. Other fund raising projects, such as Bingo, a garage sale, car wash, casino trips, etc. will raise money for the team as a whole, not a family.
A handout which, when modified for the specifics of your team,  explains to prospective players and their parents what is involved with playing for your team.